How to Develop a Healthcare App Like Practo: Features, Tech Stack, and Cost

Overview of Practo

Revenue Model of Practo

  • Practo Reach — Just like one may pay to feature in search results on popular websites like Google, Practo Profile sells premium listing, which could get you top search result listing on the site. Doctors using the platform to conduct online consultations will benefit by appearing at the top of search results which means they can do more business and generate more income.
  • Practo Ray — Practo Ray, a cloud-based platform for doctors, is another part of Practo. This helps doctors manage the healthcare data of their patients and clinics. It is a PMS (Practice Management Software) for doctors. Doctors use this to manage their online presence as well as medical records, appointments, and devices required for various diagnostics, etc. For doctors to use this software, they need to pay a monthly fee for doctors to use this software.
  • Practo Plus — Practo Plus is a yearly subscription plan that promises to ensure patients can always stay in touch with their healthcare teams through a paid service. It provides patients with limitless online doctor consultations, and Practo profits from this service.
  • Medicine Delivery — Practo earns from medical delivery services too. Now that they have tie-ups with labs and pharmacies, they get some commission for making bookings and delivering medicines to patients. They also make profits by selling medicines directly to drugstores and chemists.

What Features Should an App Like Practo Have?

  • Profile — To create a profile, a patient submits their name, residence, gender, age, medical history, and other critical information required to begin the treatment process.
  • Find Doctor or Clinic — Practo provides patients with a way to search for profiles of doctors & clinics in their area. Their profiles include information about their qualifications and experience, contact details, patient reviews, price per treatment, and other interesting insights that help you make a better decision about which doctor or clinic to choose for your needs.
  • Appointment — One of the main advantages of healthcare apps for patients is that users may browse a list of doctors, read their profiles, and make an appointment with the doctor of their choice. This feature tells patients about a doctor’s availability and makes it easy for them to schedule an appointment.
  • Real-Time Audio/Video Chat is another essential element in fostering patient-doctor confidence. Both parties can communicate via audio and video chat during a remote consultation. Doctors can recognize observable symptoms, allowing them to make a more accurate diagnosis, while patients may effectively convey their difficulties, just as they would during an in-person session.
  • Medical Records — When patients create their accounts, they have access to Medical records that contain all of their information, including medical data and communication history. If required, the healthcare documents can be shared with another specialist, spouse, or other family members.
  • Medicine Delivery — An additional feature you can add to the already existing online store that allows customers to purchase a wide selection of drugs and medicines in order to manage their health. In this case, all they need to do is search for a prescription or non-prescription medication by name or some other relevant key term such as instructions on how it should be taken, then place an order and have it delivered timely.
  • Payment Gateway — Allow patients to make online payments by paying through the different modes of payment available, for example, using a debit card or credit card.
  • Profile — The name, address, photos, specialty, and availability of the doctor must all be provided. They may also share information about their expertise and education.
  • Appointment Management — With the current circumstances, applications may get overburdened by the influx of appointments. This necessitates using a powerful feature capable of scheduling and listing a large number of remote appointments at once. The app requires an appointment management tool to enable the doctors to manage daily appointments while giving patients on-time service.
  • Patient Records & Medical History — Doctors should be able to see their patients’ medical records via the app in order to make effective and efficient diagnoses. Having a complete record will enable them to find solutions more quickly to keep both the patient and themselves safe and healthy.
  • Prescription — Doctors should have the capacity to provide prescriptions directly from the app. Patients can use these prescriptions to purchase medication at medical institutions. The bottom line is that all of a patient’s information is accessible to easily follow their appointments and results (like treatment plans, prescriptions, and medications).
  • Transaction & Analytics — This software will help in keeping all the transactions organized and safe. It will also highlight whether the doctor has performed a proper job or not and how frequently he makes appointments with his patients.
  • Dashboard
  • User Management
  • Manage Appointments
  • Manage Doctors
  • Management of Diagnostic Center
  • Clinic Administration
  • Delivery Personnel Management
  • Payout Administration
  • My Account
  • View Delivery
  • Notification

How to Develop a Healthcare App Like Practo?

  • Goal — Before going into the specifics of how to create an app (i.e., its features), you should be sure to explain why you want to build a healthcare app like Practo. Your application needs to achieve two primary purposes, ‘your appropriate user goal’ and Your business goal. Therefore, by developing your mobile application, you’ll also want to make sure it can complete the following questions: Why do users need this app? How will your app accomplish this goal? How does this benefit my business? What potential challenges may arise from a mobile app attempt like mine?
  • Market Research — Market research is a method of discovering and analyzing information about the market. It helps you identify what your competitors are doing, how they are faring, why people choose to buy their products instead of yours, and more. Understanding this information can be immensely helpful in shaping or targeting your product or service offering and figuring out how to best market it. You also can gain insight into how much such an app would cost you to make versus the money it takes in, thus refining your idea if needed based on actual inputs and market demand before actually going out there and building anything.
  • Features and User Flow — Once you have compiled your research and are certain of your approach, it’s time to put pen to paper. This should build a more concrete picture of what you want the product to be and how it will become a reality. Write all the features you wish to add and draw an example of user flow. Describe how the features will work, who will use them, and why people would buy them now or in the future. It helps you and developers who may need to make sense of this data, which affects every aspect of the project from conception to delivery.
  • Eliminate Irrelevant Features — With these detailed texts, you can get a general idea of what can be removed from your application. Initially, it is recommended to keep only the main idea of your application. For example, you can easily update or add new features over time and accomplish all of your goals with accurate improvements. Removing less essential features will simplify basic application development and save your initial budget. It will also allow you to quickly bring your latest app to market, saving on application development costs.
  • Hire an app development agency — Building a healthcare application, especially one like Practo, is no small feat. Even experienced agencies can sometimes get overwhelmed by technical hiccups and unforeseen budget problems, so it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. If you are to go against our advice and try your luck at getting such a complex system built with freelancers instead of something more reliable like an outsourcing agency, be prepared to encounter several challenges that could eventually lead to you losing a lot of money entirely.

Do You Need to Be HIPAA Compliant?

API Integration

  • Agora — Agora allows you to quickly create a highly-engaging video and audio chat feature in your own application. It has diverse lists of libraries for Web and iOS platforms. We require real-time video conferencing software in healthcare app development, and we can attest that Agora is capable of handling mobile-to-mobile video messaging very smoothly. It works seamlessly in the Web interface as well, though if you’re planning on amassing a large user base, you may want to consider using the dedicated program they have just for this purpose.
  • WebRTCWebRTC is a powerful, free, open-source platform that enables real-time communication in web and native apps. It has simple APIs that have been optimized to transmit audio, video, and data. This platform is supported by Firefox, Chrome, Opera browsers used on desktop and Android devices. It’s also available for Android and iOS mobile devices which support native integration. macOS and Windows operating systems are not supported at this time.
  • TwilioTwilio works on all mobile devices without the need for any special plugins and can easily be integrated into the platforms you’re working on. APIs offer voice, video, messaging, live chats, and more. Twilio boasts all the functionality one could want to deliver services through an app. Twilio is incredibly versatile and can be scaled instantly from starter to enterprise plan and also has the lowest latency than other available platforms and shows up to 50% better call quality.

Technical Stack

What Does It Take To Develop a Healthcare App Like Practo?

What Is the Cost of Developing a Healthcare App Like Practo?




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