How to build an Employee Training App: Detailed Features, Tech Stack, and more.

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Benefits of Employee Training App

‍Cost Efficiency

Easy Accessibility



Why is there a need for an Employee Training App?

Features to include in an Employee Training App

TalentLMS Admin Dashboard

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard — An administrator has an ID and password and logs in to the admin panel where they can see the vital information they need such as users, programs, and much more.
  • Automated Reporting — With the automated reporting available to track and monitor employee performance, it is essential to have an automated reporting feature whereby your employees can see their own progress.
  • Personalization — An admin is able to offer highly relevant content tailored to an organization by working out any issues that may be hindering productivity in your team members. These services encourage you and your staff to achieve goals and boost progress.
  • Multimedia & Interactivity — An admin has the right to determine whether a new employee training software program can embed multimedia components in the form of videos, audio clips, and images. All three are essential because it keeps an employee’s training module engaging and diverse.

Trainer Panel

  • Login — A user must have login credentials that will verify access to the training app. The password should be secure with the option of ‘forgot my password. They can easily change their account passwords when they forget them.
  • Select Specific Program — Users consider multiple choices of many programs that can be selected as per training needed.
  • Inspect Progress — Users can inspect their progress through their profile in the activity feed. By looking at the dashboard, a profile will show the member’s level of advancement towards the course’s completion.
  • Schedule Setup — A user can schedule their available time as well as where they should match up with a programming training class or session.
  • Count Availability — Users must be able to count the amount of time spent on the program. They must also be able to evaluate their productivity and keep track of their work schedule with improved time management.
  • Share Media — Users should have features to share info in the form of Video, PDF files, documents, etc.

Trainee Panel

Additional Features for your Employee Training App.


Socialized Learning

Chatbots Integration

Online Consultation

Learning-on-the Go

Interactive Quizzes

What to consider before building an employee training solution?

Create an Outline

Cross-Platform Development

Experiential Learning Methodology

Concentrate on an adaptive solution

Clear Communication

Tech Stack

Outsourcing Development

How can RaftLabs help?




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Building lovable software products for startups, agencies and enterprises in SaaS, media and marketing tech.

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