A Step-by-Step Guide to Run Successful Flash Sales for your Shopify Store

Let’s run some number games.

Do you know what is expected in these numbers? You guessed it right. All these are record-breaking sales numbers generated by online flash sale events by top retailers. Insane right? But it works. Customers look forward to those days where their fav product prices will drop by a steep 20–50%.

Do you know there is a science behind these strategies? And you can leverage that too for your online store. If you’re a Shopify store owner and looking for ways to grow your store, these strategies can come in handy.

This article will cover the following key concepts that will help you understand everything about Flash Sales and how to run a successful campaign.

  1. What is a Flash Sale?

What is a Flash Sale?

We all have participated in flash sales of one or the other kind. As a consumer, we all know what flash sales are. But let’s see this from the store owner’s perspective.

A flash sale is a discount or promotion offered for a limited period. In simple terms, any sale lasts for a short duration ranging from a few minutes to a few hours.

Another way these sales are unique is that the discount offered is steep. The offers generally are irresistible enough to stir the emotions of your shoppers.

The critical psychological tactic here is scarcity. Scarcity or shortage of time or goods creates more buying behavior from consumers. Psychologists state that when an offering is perceived as scarce, people want it more.

Who should run a Flash Sale?

Before you decide on a flash sale campaign for your Shopify store, you should know how it will benefit you.

Flash sales act as a spotlight and bring attention to your store. Almost like a wildcard for store owners. These work throughout the year. You can use them to help you meet your projections and optimize your profits.

You’ll likely witness the most traffic and your best sales numbers during these promotions.

Benefits of a Flash Sale

  • Boost sales in a small amount of time and increase revenue.

So, if you desire any of these benefits, you should go for a flash sale.

However, there can be a flip side to flash sales too. You should carefully evaluate those before you fully decide on this move.

  • Profits: Since flash sales are all about steep discounts, does this strategy fit in with your short-term and long-term business goals?

Again, the right strategy and long-term thinking can balance this out well with the right strategy and long-term thinking in place. You can take a step back and evaluate what works out best for you.

Once you’ve worked that out, you must plan out your flash sale well. We’ve covered some essential action items to help you make it successful.

How to run a successful Flash Sale?

Now let’s get to work! Flash sales might not be as simple as they sound. So, good planning is a must-to-do.

So, how do you successfully plan and execute a flash sale encountering no misfortune?

  1. Make it live for a short duration. There’s a reason they are called flash sales. The reason is it works if it lasts for a limited time. The shorter the sale duration, the more emotional your buyers, will be. Stick to a duration between 3 hours to 24 hours. 3-hour flash sales are most effective, having 59% higher email open rates.
  • If you want to send more short and crisp messages, you can also send SMS campaigns about your flash sales. With your SMS campaign, we would suggest keeping the message as short as possible.
  1. Stick to simple terms of purchase. If your terms and process are too complex, the Sale will fail to yield good results. So, try keeping your terms and offers simple to make the buying process free of hiccups at any stage. Flat discounts or accessible buy-one-get-one offers are some excellent ways to go.

These sale tips are enough to make sure you get the most out of the flash sale.

Shopify’s app store ecosystem is robust and helps store owners to do many things. We’ve prepared a list of recommended apps that can help you take it to the next level for flash sales.

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Recommended Shopify Apps for Flash Sales

1. Happy Hours — The Sale app

Happy Hours is the fastest way to create custom sale campaigns that attract and convert customers — schedule storewide sales, flash sales & product discounts in an instant. Automate price discounts and let the app do all the heavy lifting.

Highlight features

  • Set discounts just by a click

Price: $9.99/month. Forever Free Plan available.

2. Bold Discounts ‑ The Sale App by Bold

Bold Discounts is a sale app Bold to help store owners standardize deals on special days. The price of the entire store will be automatically adjusted, with appropriate discounts for each type of item. It also adds a countdown timer to help attract and inspire consumers to buy these products.

Highlight features

  • Set discounts just by a click

Price: $19.99/month. 14-day free trial.

Rating: 4.1 / 5

3. Bulk Discount Manager by SpurIT

Bulk Discount Manager is a Shopify app created by the SpurIT group. It aids Shopify store owners in influencing their sales by allowing them to add more discount codes to their stores. When visitors click on any of your items, the discount details will appear on your website.

Highlight features

  • Provide more discounts for a bulk discount

Price: $18.95/month. 14-day free trial.

Rating: 4.6 / 5

4. Simple Sale by Condolence

A simple Sale is an effective tool for all Shopify e-commerce store owners who want to extend sales without coupons. Simple Sale allows you to set the sale price next to the RRP (recommended retail price).

Highlight features

  • Display the current sale price next to the normal retail price

Price: $10/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 3.1 / 5

5. Disco: Black Friday Sales App

Do not risk customers leaving because they did not see a coupon code or automatic discount. Use this discount app to apply A discount to each product when you choose and announce it with a countdown timer bar!

Highlight features

  • Boost sales via urgency

Price: Free.

Rating: 3.9 / 5

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Case Study reference of some successful Flash Sale

  • Gymshark is one of the world’s most successful fitness activewear brands. It runs two flash sales annually-a summer sale and the Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) ‘Blackout’ event. During Blackout, the company’s vibrant social media appearance turns dark and black. Last year, Gymshark promised up to 70% off its goods during its black Friday sale. Along with free delivery and returns to all customers. One of their Blackout campaigns broke a lot of previous records. It had 650,000 orders in the first 5 hours and $400,000 of sales only in the first hour. It gained 1M unique customers at that event and 1.1M total orders during the sales campaign.

To know more about Gymshark’s sales campaign, click here.

  • LOFT OUTLET’s flash sale campaign transports you back to your childhood with the spinning machine game. In which players are unsure which of the three prizes they will get. The “mystery” component of LOFT’s offer works the same way as the traditional game. Clients will determine what discount they will get from the three discount offers by pressing the appealing “Reveal Your Deal” icon. This unique approach has proven effective, and when consumers receive their prize, they will most likely return to the website to take advantage of the provided discount. To know more about the store, click here.


We hope these flash sale tricks and guides will help you set up successful flash sales. Flash sales can quickly generate decent sales for your Shopify store. They offer not only short-term benefits like getting rid of excess inventory, meeting sales projections, and increasing revenue, but also long-term advantages like building brand awareness, gaining customer loyalty, and fueling business growth. We suggest spending considerable time and effort marketing your flash sales to make the most out of them.

If your business needs eCommerce resources along with flash sales, we have handpicked resources which you can find here — Best eCommerce Resources of 2022

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